Last week we took Trustco Media to the Big Connected Conference at Komedia in Brighton. It proved slightly more of a challenge to get there but once we arrived it was more than worth the trouble.

We managed to squeeze in a quick lemonade in the sun before we took to our seats infront of the stage.

Even though the conference was being filmed there was a relaxed atmosphere and there was a buzz around the theatre. (May have been something to do with the free coffee, tea and biscuits.) The conference then got underway with an introduction and an engaging speech from Matt Locke, Storythings about creating connected stories.

Matt was shortly followed by Rob Barnes from The Project Factory who introduced us to a unique app they created for Norwegian TV programme GTST to try and keep their audience engaged and interested over the summer break. IT was based on the idea of the audience trying to find out Who is Tim? a character that had entered the programme at the end of the previous series.

After Rob's impressive talk and a short biscuit break there was a session of talks based around audience, including Holly Goodier from the BBC who talked about listening to what your audience has to say. She produced some superb heat maps showing the times of day people are watching TV on various different devices. They showed that on a PC the peak times were at lunch time or when people had just got home from work, mobile was at travelling times, tablet was at home when wifi is available and Connected TV was all the peak times of television.

Next up was probably the most entertaining of talks with duo Antony Mayfield and Andy Keetch. They talked about mobilising audiences and getting people engaged in TV through social media. They wowed us with some statistics like when watching a TV programme 83% of people are hashtagging.

Now don't tell anyone but I think the next part of the day had to be my favourite. LUNCH! We took full advantage of the 25% off we were generously given from the event for Gourmet Burger Kitchen and indulged in a heavenly burger and sparkling beverage as we sat in the blazing sun. Have I made you jealous yet?

Anyway I've got carried away-back to the event. The next talk was what most people had been waiting for and it didn't disappoint. It was a fantastic talk about making money with YouTube by Richard Waterworth, and I say this with much awe, The Head of Marketing at YouTube. He stunned us with facts like 100 hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube every minute.

At the end of the day my hand hurt from writing down so much and my brain was frazzled with the amount of information I had absorbed but it was a fantastic and well organised day by Wired Sussex with some admirable speakers. I just hope we don't appear on the video too much!