Avoid using spaces in filenames

When we se spaces in URLs they are automatically changed to ( ), see the example:

www.trustcomedia.co.uk/my file name.html

Is automatically converted to:

www.trustcomedia.co.uk/my file name.html

Avoid using underscores

Many use underscores '_' name their files but guess what this is not the correct way. The underscore is considered a word character you use underscores Google will combine the two words into one.


This would be seen for search engines as myfilename.html all together instead of tree words.

What is the correct way of naming URLs?


This is how our URLs should be named, we should always use the hyphen (‐) instead of spaces or the underscores.

Can I use capital letters?

This is allowed but many will recommend that you only use lower-case letters when naming your files. This way you don’t have to remember what to capitalize and when. It’s also better for your website visitors if they type the URL directly into the browser.

SEO tip for file names

When the search engines crawl your site they also look at filenames. Get a boost using some keywords on your filename, but don't abuse it.