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The tipping point for digital Publications?

How many print publishers are experimenting with digital formats, both on the web and online?

Early results from the Specialist Media Insights 2012 research show that digital publishing may have just gone mainstream.

A year ago, this research showed that 22 per cent of publishers had mobile apps and a further 16 per cent planned to launch. This has now grown to 35 per cent having live mobile apps and a further 27 per cent planning to launch.

Specialist Media Insights 2012


We can adapt your printed documents/magazines and turn them into digital applications that can include slideshows, video, audio and more!

We can publish dynamic and interactive magazines that will grab your attention. Bring your catalogue, magazine, book or brochure to life on a tablet device and make it interactive and more engaging for your customers.

We specialise in creating digital publications for the iPad that can be downloaded from Apples App store, the Apps can be available on Apples Newstand and within the App store itself.

If you are not wanting an digital publication app then we can turn your documents into interactive publications that can be downloaded from your website or sent via email. These interactive publications can be made available for the iPad, iPhone or Android (Kindle Fire, Samsung Galaxy etc) devices.