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Video Hosting

Hosting & Video Players

Trustco Media use the video platform Brightcove to host and create client videos. Brightcove are the recognsed industry leader and shaping the online video platform.

Branded, TV-Quality Experiences

The Brightcove TVE Solution Pack enables organisations to create immersive, branded, high-quality viewing experiences with flexible players, up to HD-quality video, integrated sharing and discovery features, multi-bitrate streaming and Web developer tools.

Built-in player templates

A rich library of attractive, fast, and lightweight templates for single title and multi-title players. Player templates already localised in six different languages. We can customise colours, size, and look & feel to seamlessly fit your site and control advanced player features.

Social Sharing Tools

Share your videos through facebook, Twitter, and other social media. Configure social sharing features for any player or video to suit your stategy.

Multi-Bitrate Streaming

Brightcove creates six different renditions of each video and dynamically switches among renditions to create the best possible viewer experience.

Video Analytics

Discover how many viewers you have, how much viewers are watching your videos, when they stop watching them, and even where they are watching from.

Identify your best content and discover audience behaviour with comprehensive analytics and reports including drop-off rates, trend reporting, and bandwidth and utilisation.