Pay Per View Video

Graphic Design

If you decide to charge for your content, we will do all of the hosting on our custom streaming CDN and collect payments via our bespoke paywall system, accepting credit card payments and Paypal. By streaming content rather than allowing for downloads, your content is secure and can’t be copied and re-distributed. We keep just 35% of the transaction to cover hosting, bandwidth & merchant transaction fees and forward the remaining 65% directly into your bank account. No set up fees and no hosting worries, we make it simple.

People will pay for quality content, unique content or content that can be easily accessed. Set-up a live or on-demand pay-per-view service with us that can expire after any number of plays or a specific time period, or even at a certain time after first use.

There is no risk as we ask for no money upfront, we partner with you and provide all of your hosting and PPV set up ready for a high quality PPV solution.

Then sit back as your content earns you money.

From start to finish, we provide everything for you. We create a channel allowing us or you to add the player or players to any website, blog or social media website and start earning from your content.