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June, 2011


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It’s exactly what it says on the tin, fighters getting sparked out.
From champions to 1st timers, when these professional athletes get hit on the chin the crowd go wild and we at UCMMA know exactly what you, the fans want.

Huge top level from the big Heavyweights down to the Lightweights you will watch these guys getting knocked out time and time again.

You will be the man or woman every ones talking about down the pub with mayhem on your iPhone or iPad, yes that’s right you are only 1 click away from someone going to sleep.

Content is updated regularly as new knockouts happen, keep coming back to check out the new mayhem with UCMMA stars like Alex Reid, unleash.

Dave O’ Donnell say’s “it reminds me of the old UFC every body waited for the big KO but now MMA has gone mainstream, things have got more technical. Well I am just old school and knock outs rule, from all the big names in martial arts, Ju Jitsu, Boxing and Karate, when they step in the cage we all want the knock out."

Cage fighting is the sport of the future but it can be on your phone, ipad or itouch now, so don’t delay and get Ultimate Knock out’s app today - for our low promotional release price

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