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August, 2012


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Learn to street dance in style with video tutorials from well known industry leading dancers. Learn how to dance with 'flava' and funk from the Streetfunk team. Content and new moves will be regularly updated. Learn famous and attention grabbing dance moves such as the reverse coffee grinder, table top, back kick slide, windmill and headspins! Enjoy some exclusive footage of these high profile dancers up close, teaching you the moves that have got them far!

Learn exciting dance moves from hip hop dance legend JP Omari who has worked with Dizzee Rascal and Sean Paul, Lee Payne is on hand to teach you tap funk fusion as he demonstrated to the nation on the Got To Dance TV show. Learn to bboy from award winning Sasha Biloshitsky who has worked as a dancer for Adidas TV commercials and was involved in the Olympic Opening Ceremony in London!

Install Streetfunk app for a unique experience learning street dance at your own pace.


Step by step video tutorials in b-boying (breakdance), hip hop, funk fusion and traditional tap dance.

Massive gallery of hi resolution photos of well known hip hop and bboy moves.

Follow the news and events from the street dance world.

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