Mobile & Tablet Apps

Massive Growth in Mobile & tablet devices

There will be 10 billon mobile connected devices by 2016, exceeding the global population of 7.3 billion people on earth

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We can help you reap the benefits of the massive growth in smartphones by creating high quality, engaging and interactive applications on iOS (iPhone & iPad) and/or Android devices. We have the right processes and skill sets available to deliver customised mobile applications and using our framework we can speed up production time and make them affordable..

Our iOS App framework is Universal so will work on the iPhone, iPod and iPads. We can also now develop and deliver apps on Andoid devices. This framework has the potential to access features on the device such as a native camera, QR code scanning, GPS and orientation and can include blogs, image galleries, social media and video content.

With this platform you can use integrated advertising and deliver push notification messages directly to devices that are using the app and target specific customers by using built in segmentation tools that target users by location, behavior and more. As well as that you can send timely updates to Apple and Android devices prompting users to upgrade to the latest version of your app whilst deactivating obsolete apps.

The app framework supports quality streaming video which keeps file sizes down but can also include the option of users being able to download video content, PDF or images to access offline. The content within the app can be dynamically updated on the fly without having to resubmit the app. We use the world's leading online video platform Brightove, to find out more about the hosting services we offer see our video hosting page.


One of the unique services that we can now offer is the creation of a multiscreen app. This means sending the app to apple TV while displaying its companion app content on your iPad/iPhone.


We have been working with a form for AR that enables Smart Phone app and tablet devices (iPhone, iPad & Androdi) to recognise an image on a page then augment reality by rendering an image, video content or 3d model within the scene.

Bespoke Apps

If you are looking to create an app that does not fit into our framework, we can modify our existing framework or build a new app. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure a quality product to meet your requirements to get your application in the app store as early as possible.

App Maintenance

We have a range of services to maintain your app once it has been submitted to the app store.

- New features, pages, in-app purchases
- Content updates
- Managed services and hosting
- Traffic analysis and reporting
- Targeted push notifications
- Server management

App maintenance is chargable at our hourly rate, a fixed price can be arranged for more complicated projects such as adding certain features.

Marketing Your App

Whatever type of app and whoever your target market is, we can create a Smartphone app marketing strategy to ensure a great level for exposure and, ultimately, more downloads from the App Stores.

A few of the services we can offer to promote your app are:

- Mobile Application Submission to App Review Websites, outreach to bloggers, reviewers etc

- Application Print Ads (Branding & Design)

- E-Mail Marketing (Design & Deployment)

- Promotional Video, website and banner ads(Design & Development)

- Twitter & Facebook Application Campaigns

We Keep Your App Ideas Safe

At Trustco Media we take all application ideas seriously, and if requested before beginning a project or hearing an idea we can sign an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement), a specially designed contract intended to protect information considered to be proprietary or confidential so you know your idea is safe with us.

10 reasons you could benefit from an app

91% of all smart phone users have their phone within arm’s reach 24/7

Morgan Stanley, 2012

  • 1 - PR Tool

    iPhone and iPad apps in particular are a great opportunity to contact the media and let them know about your company and brand. It doesn’t mattre whether you are a start up or well established brand – media loves to talk about iPhone apps and this is your chance to capitalise on that trend.


    let’s face it, iPhone/iPad users are quite a varied lot of people. If your brand’s target audience is similar – what are you waiting for?


    give it your best shot! Create something spectacular, something special, something unique – create an absolutely stunning app. It’s a great opportunity to advertise your brand to a big wide world at a relatively low cost.


    being at the forefront of innovation can be incredibly lucrative. Ask any big brand which created a website before its competitors did. Don’t be the one who wonders “what just happened”? Make things happen! The Planet of the Apps will be HUGE and the sooner you embrace change, the more opportunities you will have.

  • 5 - REVENUES

    iPhone and iPad applications can actually make you money. Depending on what your business is – you can cross-sell, up-sell and simply sell your products via the App Store. Some companies make decent money, a handful of brands managed to make a lot of money, however the vast majority of brands are still using iPhone and iPad apps as brand extensions.


    believe it or not, but a lot of people expect well known brands to have an app now, so if you are a leader in your industry, you should start thinking of creating an app.


    it can be difficult to compete with the big companies on the product and service front, but on the App Store, all are equal. Create something unique and stand out from the crowd!


    with more than 500,000 applications on the App Store, it is highly likely that your competitors do have an app for their products or services. If that is the case you have to have one as well to keep up with the competition. If they don’t have one, lucky you! Get one, to be a step ahead of your competition.


    iPhone and iPad users are a different breed altogether. You have a good opportunity to appeal to this great crowd. In normal circumstances they may never hear about your brand or use your services. With an iPhone or iPad app you stand a much better chance!


    the more opportunities you have to interact with your clients and show off your brand, the better. An iPhoneor iPad app, if nothing else, can be one of those things which helps you to provide additional point of contact to the outside world.